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Emma Stone attends ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ Premiere in Paris (09/11/14)

Emma Stone attends ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ Premiere in Paris (09/11/14)

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Emma in Paris (11.09.14)


Rob and Andrew Garfield got caught up last night in Toronto.

The Twilight hunk and Spider Man spent a good chunk of time catching up at the back of the restaurant, the two of them standing directly behind the banquette I was perched at. It was the post-premiere party for Garfield’s new one – a serious drama called 99 Homes – and Robert had just zipped into town for his own premiere, Map to the Stars.

And though there’d been some unkind rumours a few years ago that these two lads kinda loathed each other, I saw zero signs of a rivalry.

“Where’s Emma?” I heard Robert ask Andrew about his famous girlfriend. Normal party chatter. The two also appeared to exchange information via their phones – two guys at a party looking at screens! – and even ribbed each other about their beards.

On that latter count, Andrew certainly has Robert beat: his is a full-on grizzly-man beard, while Robert’s fuzz was his usual several-days grown-in.



"So Eddie spent the day promoting his own film and then in the evening he went out to support his friend Andrew Garfield in 99 Homes. Andrew, after all, was there for him the night before. I saw them together at the Grey Goose after-party at America at the top of the Trump. They seemed relaxed by the back bar, weren’t inclined to lock themselves in a corner or hang out on a couch with a rope around them." [x]


"Eddie Redmayne was talking to the Associated Press in the third position. I’d already stepped back to talk to my producer. And then I looked up and saw a young guy with a beard, right in front of me, looking past me at Eddie. Andrew and Eddie made eye contact and Andrew was lifting his chin, bobbing it slightly, kind of joke-smirking like "I see you, I see you", but also with an expression of such pride, such happiness for his friend. It was adorable and so sweet, and it became so obvious to me how close they are, how supportive they must be of each other." [x]

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